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Social Bookmarking List

General Social Bookmark Website Listing

Welcome to the VMOptions social bookmarking list. This list is comprised of websites that allow individuals to register and bookmark their favorite webpages online. Other members within each community are free to view, comment and vote on publicly available stories. If you would like to learn more about these types of sites, you may want to visit Wikipedia's page on social bookmarks for additional information.

Whether you have a website or not, sharing your favorite stories with members of another online community can be fun and spur serious discussion on important news. Many internet marketing professionals, such as those engaged in search engine optimization, also use social bookmarking websites to tag their favorite pages. Regardless of your specific needs, our diversified social bookmarking list is a great place to find the best and newest bookmarking sites around.

Please note that we regularly update this social bookmarking list to bring you and our other visitors the best sites around. While there may not be thousands of entries in this list, you will find that the quality surely makes up for the quantity. As part of our list management tasks, we regularly remove malfunctioning and deindexed websites so that you are presented with a list that has the best possible entries. If you know of a social bookmarking site that is deserving of inclusion in this list, please visit our listing guidelines page for more information about our review process.

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Site Name Sort down Sort up PR Sort down Sort up Date Sort down Sort up
1ulinux.com 6Supporting Sponsor
Gen-Eff.net 4Supporting Sponsor
Vtv10.com Active PR4 Bookmarking 4Supporting Sponsor
TatvanStories.com 4Supporting Sponsor
WebStatsRank.com 1Supporting Sponsor
Bookmark Town 0Supporting Sponsor
Reviews Article02/27/2015
Bookmark Your Story02/26/2015

Global Bookmarking02/26/2015
The Vartalk02/26/2015
Social Bookmarking Online02/6/2015
Global Bookmarking02/6/2015
Intl Bookmark02/6/2015
Just Bookmark02/6/2015
Add Story01/23/2015
Article Hat21/20/2015
General Bookmarking01/16/2015
Article Provide210/6/2014
Akonter Bookmarks29/29/2014
Your Social Bookmarking Sites09/26/2014
Social Connection09/23/2014
Social Time09/23/2014
Vote Unvote09/23/2014
Best Social Bookmarking09/22/2014
New Social Books09/19/2014
Add UK Story09/17/2014
Tech Social Bookarking09/15/2014
Latest Social Bookmarking09/15/2014
Real Social Bookmarking09/9/2014
DM Options and VM Options09/9/2014
Site Submit URL08/27/2014
Just Bookmark08/26/2014
Popular Social Bookmarking08/25/2014
Social Bookmarkings08/25/2014
High PR Social Bookmarking Site08/22/2014
Go Social Bookmarking08/21/2014
BB3B dofollow social bookmarking38/18/2014
Pro Social Bookmarking08/18/2014
Social Bookmarking Land08/18/2014
My Social Bookmarking08/18/2014
The Social Bookmarking Asia08/18/2014
Social WikiTechGuru08/14/2014
K Bookmark Now08/14/2014
Bookmark WikiTechGuru08/14/2014
SEO Tech08/14/2014
Submission WikiTechGuru08/14/2014
Digg WikiTechGuru08/14/2014
Save My Like08/4/2014
Kartik Directory08/1/2014

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Since social bookmarking sites are designed to encourage user participation, we respectfully request that those using our list respect the guidelines of each site that appears on this page. With the right of free speech comes some responsibilities and reviewing the membership and submission guidelines at each website will go a long way in ensuring that each social bookmarking community remains a great place for others to meet, share and discuss the latest news.

If you find our social bookmarking list useful, please consider bookmarking it and sharing it with others. By sharing this list with others involved in the social media industry, you will also help each website that is listed on this page by giving them an additional traffic stream that encourages their desire to add new features that compliment their communities. Such sharing is a great example of how networking encourages not just the rapid flow of information, but is also the force that drives the social media industry to further innovate in ways that benefit all of humanity.

Listed Social Bookmarking Platforms Include:
  • Drigg
  • German's PublicBookmark
  • PhpDug
  • Pligg
  • Scuttle
  • ScuttlePlus