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Welcome to the VMOptions paid directory list. In this list of paid directories you will find some of the Web's best paid directories and top paid directories. The general web directories in this list charge a submission review fee to pay editors and to provide ongoing revenue to maintain the operation of their directories. These directories do carry authority and are beneficial to anyone's online marketing and search engine optimization efforts. When able, we will list the permanent listing price even though much more affordable yearly listing options exist.

The paid directories below are the same directories that search engine optimization professionals and internet marketing consultants suggest listing client websites in. Allocating a portion of your internet marketing and advertising budget to submit to these directories is highly recommended because these paid directories carry authority and can potentially send your website traffic for life. The ROI is excellent for webmasters considering that a permanent listing on a top tier paid directory will be listed forever.

Please note that the paid directories on this list are not user submitted, with the exception of supporting sponsor entries, and we request that web directory owners do not contact us to add their paid directory to this list. Please visit our advertising page for more information on how to appear in this list.

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Directory  Sort down Sort up PR Sort down Sort up Term Sort down Sort up Price Sort down Sort up Date Sort down Sort up
Freshly Squeezed Software 6Perm$24.95Supporting Sponsor
Bhanvad.com International Directory 5Year$0.00Supporting Sponsor
Web Links Directory 2Perm$25.00Supporting Sponsor
Feedup Directory 0Year$4.00Supporting Sponsor
Save Your Link0Perm$19.959/26/2014
Alive Web Directory5Perm$149.959/25/2013

HotVsNot Directory6Perm$300.004/5/2010
InCrawler Web Directory5Perm$24.9510/18/2009
Authority Directory5Perm$25.0010/17/2009
Yahoo! Directory8Year$299.0010/17/2009
Best of the Web Directory7Perm$299.9510/17/2009
Ezilon.com Directory5Perm$69.0010/17/2009
V7N Web Directory3Perm$49.9510/17/2009
Directory Journal5Perm$159.9510/16/2009
GreenStalk Web Directory2Perm$19.9510/16/2009
Aviva Directory5Perm$149.9510/16/2009
Cannylink Link Directory4Perm$19.9510/16/2009

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You may ask, if this is not a user submitted list of paid directories, except for the easily identified supporting sponsor entries, how did you compile the list? We took into account many factors in compiling this paid directory list. We looked at features, indexing, authority, value, support as well as traffic. Nearly every paid web directory on this list has Sitelinks™ which is an indication that the directory is trusted and well indexed. In other words, these are the best paid directories that we find it worthwhile to spend our online advertising budgets on. It is our subjective opinion that these are top paid directories available and that most webmasters could also benefit from allocating some of their internet marketing budgets to submit to these directories. Of course we feel the VMOptions Web Directory deserves to be on this list as well because of its many features, overall value, and great customer service. But this paid directory list is the same list we submit client websites to with our budget, which of course would include VMOptions.

Listing these paid directories should not be deemed an endorsement of any kind on the part of VMOptions. While each paid directory in the list above has proven useful for us in our internet marketing efforts, they may not be suitable for yours. Before submitting to any web directory you should first perform your own research to determine if the directory is of value to you and your internet marketing efforts.

When pursuing your internet marketing efforts, even if using the services of an internet marketing consultant, it is important that you adhere to Google's Webmaster Guidelines. The paid directories above charge a fee for a submission review and not a "link." Editors do spend time reviewing and ultimately accepting or rejecting submissions. Make sure your website is ready to be announced to the world before pursuing any online advertising opportunities.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our paid directory list. We hope that you find our list of the top paid directories useful in your internet marketing efforts. If you do find this list to be helpful, please let your friends and associates know about it.