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Having trouble finding a good SEO friendly directory list? You are not alone! Many well established website directories can take months to review your submission requests, and most of these established web directories have strict listing standards. Below you will find our free website directory listings. Most of the free web directories on this list are new, while others have been recently discovered. We will continually add to this directory list, so please check back often.

Our lists contain valuable internet marketing resources for the SEO professional and novice internet marketer alike. We are pleased to announce our latest list to help you in your internet marketing efforts. Our paid directory list contains the best premium web directories available to help webmasters with their online advertising and search engine optimization efforts.

Announcements are accepted from directory owners who adhere to our listing guidelines.

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Directory  Sort down Sort upPR Sort down Sort upDate Sort down Sort up
Free PR8 Directory 8Supporting Sponsor
ICEVED WEB 7Supporting Sponsor
ISTIMARA2 Web Directory 7Supporting Sponsor
Speech Counts Directory 6Supporting Sponsor
Hedar Web Directory 6Supporting Sponsor
The Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Jesperegelund 5Supporting Sponsor
WVCHOOPS Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
6tenatmit Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
VertisirVine Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Traffic Simulator Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
EduloGasp Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
TanDiversity Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
CTFlames Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Zelsec Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Coaca high pagerank 5 directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Fb Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Mars Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
goefits PR5 Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
First Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Sites Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
Chiroshowcase.com 5Supporting Sponsor
Arithum Web Directory 5Supporting Sponsor
ECLYPTIX DIRECTORY 5Supporting Sponsor
MUUXLIJ DIRECTORY 5Supporting Sponsor
Whirlspace.com 5Supporting Sponsor
SEDML 5Supporting Sponsor
DAPCV 5Supporting Sponsor
Traffic Project 5Supporting Sponsor
SEO Friendly AOL Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Umoz Link Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Sidav - The Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
PMIN Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Informatic World Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Check Your Computer 4Supporting Sponsor
Flexigest 4Supporting Sponsor
LLT8 Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
QuadFlicks Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
MHDW Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
LiteTopia Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
LHSGala Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
ConcertStudy Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
HandTucher Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
UltraLott Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Inovative Tank Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Start Menus Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Dezyna Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Hbnu Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Conyers Payless Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
wpoptimizer.com 4Supporting Sponsor
Care Planners Director 4Supporting Sponsor
Porta Relief Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Hnyxsx Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Replay Sql Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Qiaas Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Snackers2 Web Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Rol Youth Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
UTBO DIRECTORY 4Supporting Sponsor
Text Modern 4Supporting Sponsor
Bmsce Online 4Supporting Sponsor
Cceit Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Knjiyara Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Stoffelix Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Cirdra Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Coschedular Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Diamond Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
OM Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
Office Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
The Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
AdCoStrategy Directory 4Supporting Sponsor
SJLQC WEB DIRECTORY 3Supporting Sponsor
PR3 Free Social Bookmarking 3Supporting Sponsor
Free Directory List 1Supporting Sponsor
Any Business 0Supporting Sponsor
JespereGelundry 0Supporting Sponsor
Open Directory Master.Org.In 0Supporting Sponsor
SEOWizo 0Supporting Sponsor
Master.Org.In 0Supporting Sponsor
BookmarkTown.com 0Supporting Sponsor
Free Directory Websites 0Supporting Sponsor
Nicholas Popes Website Directory 0Supporting Sponsor
YKH8 DIRECTORY 0Supporting Sponsor
Free URL Submit 0Supporting Sponsor
DDWX DIRECTORY 0Supporting Sponsor
Ikonet Directory 0Supporting Sponsor
WoGolf Web Directory 0Supporting Sponsor
Umock Directory 0Supporting Sponsor
Free WebLink.com 0Supporting Sponsor
Fearsteve 0Supporting Sponsor
Elevation 0Supporting Sponsor
Viro Clime 0Supporting Sponsor
My Directory 0Supporting Sponsor
Service Market Directory 0Supporting Sponsor
GooGaz 0Supporting Sponsor
SEO Link010/13/2017
New Directory Listing05/24/2017
Ani Bookmark05/18/2017
M Back Links04/5/2017

Fly Backlinks04/5/2017
Sky Backlinks04/5/2017
Crazy Backlinks04/5/2017
Call For Anything03/15/2017
Ranaf Directory41/25/2017
Add Your Link01/17/2017
MultiMeta Directory012/12/2016
Joanna Web Directory82/26/2015
K Bookmarking010/7/2014
Hire Contractor09/23/2014
The URL OPener09/19/2014
MoreFunz - The Catalog09/18/2014
Link Bucket08/28/2014
Askme Jobs08/28/2014
Ask Kuwait Jobs08/28/2014
Ask Me Coupons08/28/2014
Exclusive Web Links08/11/2014
Blogroll Directory08/4/2014
FloryBet Web Directory47/30/2014
Voice A Cause47/30/2014
Blind Residence47/30/2014
Find Your Somebuddy47/30/2014
French Exit Web Dir37/30/2014
Elegant Courage Directory77/28/2014
My PCIExpress Directory47/23/2014
Bim Forum Directory57/23/2014
Knowledge for Health Directory67/23/2014
Abilogic Directory57/23/2014
Forex Brokers Meta Trader17/23/2014
Just Directory07/23/2014
GY4L Directory27/9/2014
Dir Hunt07/9/2014
The Directory37/7/2014
Directory of Directories06/10/2014
Dir Hunt05/20/2014
Ellys Directory 05/20/2014
Mundo Barney54/25/2014
SEO Friendly AOL Directory44/9/2014
The Visit Directory02/13/2014
We WebWare Directory42/11/2014
LoadSpy Directory42/11/2014
PDS Energy Directory52/10/2014
Greefl Web Directory42/10/2014
Aviation Prints Web Directory42/10/2014
Novarosa Web Directory42/10/2014
Hit 4 Directories02/7/2014
Trident Web Directory02/7/2014
Brain Mine SEO02/7/2014
3tot Directory51/29/2014
Spot Tone Directory01/26/2014
Page Traffic Directory01/26/2014
Profit by Directory01/26/2014
Olx Directory11/20/2014
ThinkFla Web Directory41/7/2014
HDV Connect Directory51/7/2014
Add-Oncon Directory41/7/2014
CranLife Directory412/30/2013
Link Minded Directory312/30/2013

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We hope that you find our free directory list useful. We do our best to find the best new free web directories to list, so that our submissions are reviewed quickly. Our list of free directories is updated 3-4 times per week at a minimum, so please check back often to find the latest free online advertising resources.

Please note that free web directories marked with an * accept free deep links/multiple URLs.

Thanks for using our free web directory list. It is our hope that you find our internet marketing resources useful in your online advertising efforts. We hope you share this list with your friends and associates, and we wish you the best of success with all of your internet marketing efforts.