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Welcome to the VMOptions bidding directory list. Bid directories allow the submitter to bid for position and in many cases can get them listed on the front page of a high traffic bid directory. Bid directories,. along with other forms of offpage search engine optimization, can typically be used as part of an entire internet marketing and online advertising strategy.*

Below you will find our bid directory listings. This list of bid directories will continue to be updated, so please check back often for our latest listings.

Please use the report option to report bad bid directory links!

You may sort the bid directory list below by using the category arrows

Site Name   Sort down Sort up PR Sort down Sort up Category Sort down Sort up Date Sort down Sort up
Bid Directory UK 0General7/15/2011
Industry List Bid Directory 2General10/13/2010
24 by 7 Business Directory 0General10/13/2010
Bulk SMS Directory 0Telecom8/5/2010
EuroLinkBid 0General6/19/2010

Hoppensteadt Bid Directory 3General4/22/2010
Hertz Directory 2General12/6/2009
Hualetex Directory 0General12/6/2009
Bidding Lobby 2General5/11/2009
Safaari Bid Directory 1General1/24/2009
Bid Ninja Directory 0General1/23/2009
Link Town Directory 0Webmaster1/8/2009
Fast Bid 0General1/8/2009
Bid Rank Directory 2General1/6/2009
Text Link Easy 1General11/22/2008
One Buck Bid 1General11/22/2008
One Buck Only 0General11/22/2008
4YN Bidding Directory 1General11/22/2008
Tookle Bidding Directory 0General11/22/2008
Bid Directory 0General11/22/2008
Link Bid Guide 2General11/22/2008
Link Joost 0General11/22/2008
Blendz Bid Directory 2General11/20/2008
Supreme Web Links 0General11/20/2008
Epic Bids Directory 0General11/19/2008
A1 Bid Links 2General11/19/2008
Link Bid 24 1General11/16/2008
Site Directory Index 1General11/16/2008
FreshBidz Bidding Directory 1General11/16/2008
Bid Junkies 2General11/16/2008
Ultimate Bidding Directory 2General11/16/2008
Bid Fighter 1General11/16/2008
Candy Links 0General11/15/2008
URL Indexing 2General11/14/2008

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When paying for a submission in a bid directory, be careful to adhere to Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Purchased links are typically frowned upon by the search engines and directories which have no editorial standards may fall into this category. If you are in doubt, it is recommended that you consult the services of a professional search engine optimization company.

Thank you for using the VMOptions bidding web directory list. If you find this list useful, please tell your friends and associates about it!

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