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Domain Name Parking

February 14, 2008 09:43:29 AM

Parking domain names is a big business.  There are quite a few free domain parking companies available, and more are cropping up each day.  I've tried many of the larger parking companies, including the widely popular Sedo and Godaddy.  I was not satisifed with their revenue per click (RPC) and certainly not there payout options.  I finally settled into RevenueDirect parking service, and below I will explain why.

For those that don't already know, parking domains simply allows your domain name to point to an advertisement page provided by the parking company.  These companies have agreements with Google and Yahoo to display ads on their network.  When you park a domain name with these companies, highly targeted ads are displayed to anyone visiting your domain.

Many Webmasters, including myself, simply park domain names until we have an opportunity to develop the Websites for them.  Others, are full fledged domainers, utilizing the traffic to generate a substantial income.  No matter which category you fall into, maximizing your income from each click is extremely important.

I do have a domain portfolio, and some of the domain names receive a large amount of type in traffic each day.  In an effort to earn the most money from parked domains, I moved some of these domains around quite a bit.  When I was with some of the more popular domain parking companies (Sedo, Godaddy, etc.), I got tired of getting $.01 - $.05 clicks.  While these companies claim they are giving you a large slice of the pie, the pay just was not supporting that theory.  So off to
Google Adwords Traffic Estimator I went.  I took a look at what my keywords were priced at.  Granted, advertisers pay more for their ads to be displayed on the search engine then they do on sponsor sites.  But this gave me an idea of how much I was not earning.

In my search for the most profitable domain parking option available, I found RevenueDirect.  On some of my more valuable domain names, I saw revenue increase by as much as $.05 a click after switching to them.  I was not only impressed, but I decided to move my entire domain portfolio over to them.

RevenueDirect has an industry standard $50 minimum monthly payout.  However, those that use their PayPal payment option can be paid twice monthly.  Very few parking companies offer this.  But in addition to the higher RPC and better payment options, RevenueDirect also allows custom content to appear on your parked domains.  This includes images and header/footer text which can include links if you so choose.  And like many of the other free domain parking companies, RevenueDirect also offers automatic optimization.  This optimization determines which ads are most effective on your parked domains and displays them first.

As with most domain parking companies, opening a parking account is as simple as completing an application form.  RevenueDirect is no different and they only offer free domain parking.  You never have to spend a penny.

To improve your chances of getting accepted into RevenueDirect's domain parking program (or any other parking company), please follow these tips.

1. Join through a
referral link.  The credibility of the existing member can help to get your account approved faster.

2. On your application, put your best foot forward by submitting your best domain.  As is the case with most domain parking companies, english domains and traffic are preferred.  If you have additional domains, wait until you get your account approved then add them to your account.  At the present time RevenueDirect allows additional domain names to be parked without being manually approved.

3. Allow the parking company some time to review your application.  If it takes a little longer for some parking companies to approve your application, that may be an indicator of the demand for their services.  Most applications should be approved within 1-3 business days.

As is the case with any industry or niche, your domain name theme will determine the revenue you get per click.  I have some domain names that get as little as $.05 a click while others get $1.20 per click on average.  These domains are all parked with RevenueDirect.

Parked domain names can easily earn a substantial income if they have existing traffic.  Even if they do not have much traffic, the rare visit here and there can put some additional cash in your pocket.

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