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Best Web Hosting Providers Reviewed

December 16, 2007 07:34:51 PM

When it comes to Website hosting, there are certainly many providers to choose from. Deciding which one is the best web hosting provider for your application can be time consuming, especially if you have not used multiple hosting providers before. Fortunately, I have used a good number of hosting providers and have narrowed down the list to these top two hosts.

Host Gator

Both of these hosts provide a multitude of features that surpass the needs of the average Webmaster. Whether it’s 2,500 POP E-mail accounts or unlimited POP E-mail accounts, it really does not matter. Most Webmasters will not use more then ten E-mail accounts anyway. In addition to E-mail accounts, these hosting packages offer unlimited autoresponders, E-mail forwarders, and more. It’s noteworthy to say that these two companies compete against each other so their features are quite similar.

Probably the most sought after feature of these Website hosting providers is the ability to host unlimited domains. Gone are the days of needing a separate hosting account for each domain name you host. Adding a new domain to your main hosting account is as easy as pointing your new domain’s nameservers to the host and clicking add domain in your control panel. A new sub-directory is setup for the new domain and you can begin uploading files. You can even create E-mail accounts for addon domain names, add databases for it, use traffic analysis for it, and much more.
Since both of these hosting accounts provide 600 GB of storage, there’s plenty of room to add files, images, etc., for your primary domain or add on domains. Most Webmasters will find it difficult to consume even 1% of the allotted disk space.

Each time someone visits your Website, those files are transferred to the visitor’s computer. This consumes bandwidth and, in the past, often times resulted in overage charges. With
Bluehost and Host Gator, these are problems of the past. Each hosting account comes with 6,000 GB of bandwidth. Most Webmasters will never consume even ten percent of this allotted bandwidth in a month.

Speed is an important issue at most Web hosting companies. A slow Website often results in visitors leaving without ever viewing your Website. Fortunately, both of these hosting providers have ample bandwidth available to dish out your Webpages quickly and effectively. 
Bluehost recently announced that they are adding 300 MB of bandwidth capacity per month starting this month. As their market share grows, so has their investment in their hosting infrastructure.
High end Websites or database driven Websites will have no problems with either of these hosting providers. Both hosting packages include PHP 4 and PHP 5, along with MySQL databases. However, Bluehost only provides fifty MySQL databases while Host Gator provides unlimited MySQL databases.
Bloggers will enjoy the simple one click installation of Wordpress on both of these hosting accounts. Blog hosting has never been easier, and Wordpress can be installed on any (or all) of your addon domains.

Both hosting providers claim 99% + uptime, and back it up with a guarantee. If your hosting account is not available because of a problem on their end, they will credit you for this downtime.
In the event of a problem, both Bluehost and Host Gator include free Web hosting support services. I admit that recently Host Gator is faster to respond to the calls for help, but Bluehost is not far behind. Both of these hosting providers monitor their network for problems, so chances are they are already working on any problem before you report it. From my experience, any technical problem with their service is a rare occurrence. These are two of the best hosting providers.

Having used both hosting providers for various Websites, I chose
Bluehost for the VMOptions Directory. The reason why I chose this host is because other phpLD owners noted installation problems at Host Gator. phpLD is a complex directory script, so it’s no wonder the installation needs to be slightly modified for Host Gator users. However, this is not a slight against Host Gator. It just shows that Web Directory hosting is better suited for Bluehost in this release of phpLD.
If you are in the market for a shared Web hosting provider, then strongly consider Bluehost and Host Gator. Not only do they offer superior hosting services, but they permit plenty of room for growth.   
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