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Live Search Link Operator

November 14, 2007 10:54:43 PM

It appears the MSN/Live Search is getting more webmaster friendly by the day. Today, Live reactivated its backlink operator.
The new link operator to check incoming links at the Live search engine is:
Comparing the search engines, we came to these incoming link numbers for vmoptions.com. Please note these numbers reflect publicly accessible lookups (I was not logged in).
Live: 17,300
Yahoo: 2,790
Google: 22
After logging in to the three Webmaster accounts, we found the number of incoming links has changed.
Live: Only top ten incoming links shown.
Yahoo: 2,674
Google: 3,576
As many know, each search engine can provide an inaccurate report of backlinks. However, Yahoo’s Site Explorer has been deemed to be the best if logged in. Normally a larger number of backlinks is reported after logging into each Webmaster account. Yahoo’s backlink count was actually less after logging in. Live, on the other hand, does not incorporate the link operator in its Webmaster Center yet. Hopefully they will change this as time goes on.
Yesterday I noted in the article I posted (Live Search Webmaster Center Released), Live Search added a new tool for Webmasters. The return of the link operator is yet another positive step for Webmasters. We will see how long it lasts.
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