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Live Search Webmaster Center

November 13, 2007 10:53:29 PM

On November 12th, 2007, MSN/Live released its Live Search Webmaster Center. Presently, it is listed as being in BETA, but they are allowing people to join as I write this article.

Edit: Since Live is now named Bing, their updated Bing Webmaster Tools service URL is now:


After logging into the Webmaster Center account with your Live login details, you are taken to the main Webmaster Tools area. This area lists all the domains associated with your account. To get detailed information regarding each domain, simply click on it to be taken to a summary page.

The summary page contains some useful information including the following:

  1. Website address
  2. Date last crawled
  3. Domain Rank
  4. Number of indexed pages
  5. Whether or not the domain is blocked
On the profile page, Webmasters may enter their XML sitemap address and provide site ownership verification details. Also, an optional contact E-mail address is requested so that Live can contact Webmasters if problems are encountered with their sites.
On the keywords page, Webmasters may enter a keyword to “Review how this page performs in search results against specific keywords.” I tried this and is generated a list of pages in my site. Along with the rank for each page, other details were provided such as the page language, country/region, date last crawled, and whether or not the page is blocked.
Also included in Live Search Webmaster Center are two pages to check the top outbound and inbound links. However, the list appears to be restricted to ten results. Information about these pages includes rank, language, and the country/region.
There also is a sitemap page. This seems redundant since users can enter their sitemap information in the profile page. However, this page does include instructions on how to ping the Live Search crawler when the sitemap changes.
While most of the tools in Live Search Webmaster Center are similar to tools at other search engines, this is indeed a step in the right direction. Many Webmasters have difficulties with the Live Search Bot, and these tools may eventually help to resolve these problems.
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