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In SEO Which Should be Prominent, Backlinks or Content?

August 04, 2017 04:24:43 PM

What do we mean by 'content'?

Well, the word 'content' is pretty straightforward and is well understood. It is basically what a website comes up with -for its users' and of what quality it is. It can be of great quality catching more number of visitors or can be of poor quality catching less number of visitors. 

Even if it's a very simple concept, it is not as easy in terms of implementation. For a website, to have quality content is must if it intends to grow large and fast. 

What do we mean by 'backlink'?

Backlinks in case of SEO are basically those links which one particular website gets from some other website, i.e. website x receiving a link from website y is a backlink. Just as the content does, backlinks too have a great impact on the performance factor of a website. And for the very same reason, backlinks are considered super crucial if a website wants to advance its SEO ranking. 

Backlinks or Content –what should be more prominent?

Both, backlinks and content are absolutely important factors in determining the performance of a website, to choose one can be difficult. 

On one hand, content has a direct impact on the visitors. If at all the content is appealing to the visitor, he/she will definitely come back to check out more content. Users or Visitors are the most important for a website and quality content helps you get many visitors. On the other hand, backlinks have a direct impact on the SEO ranking of the website and better the SEO ranking, better is the website's reach. 

But, if you must decide which is more prominent out of them –then the choice definitely would be 'content'. Rather, it should not be just content, but should be 'Quality Content'. What matters is the quality. The reason behind the aforementioned is that the web is already full of content. But out of all the amount of content, the quality misses out majorly. In the chase of content, websites often fail to come up with that kind of content that would bind the user or visitor. Some websites only bother about the amount and not the class of what they are providing. 

As far as backlinks are concerned, either there are natural backlinks which you naturally and legally get via search engines. Then there exist, the backlinks which you may buy. Well, such links are better known as illegal links. 

Two major types of backlinks:

  1. Natural backlinks:

    Natural backlinks can be better termed as legal links. These are those links which your website has actually earned and mainly come from search engines. In the cases, when some other blogger mentions your website or website contents' link in their blog because according to them your website is a useful source of information is also a natural-legal backlink. 
  2. Bought backlinks:

    These are basically those backlinks which a website owner buys from various sites like link farms. In this case, since you pay for attracting visitors, it cannot be considered legal. In fact, as a result of buying links, the website may even attract Google's Panda or Penguin as a result of which because of the use of unauthorized links, the website's rank may get lowered down. Using such links is considered spamming which is why a website must stay away from buying links to boost rankings illegally. 

The aforementioned information tells us how buying links can cost a lot to websites and naturally getting links can boost performance to a great level. But does it become more important than content? No.

Out of backlinks and content, CONTENT IS CLEARLY FAR MORE PROMINENT THAN BACKLINKS, in case of SEO. 

This is because, after all, it is 'THE QUALITY CONTENT' which makes any website more reliable and useful. A website with a great power of content delivery does not just receive users or visitors, but unlike the websites with poor content, in the former case –the audience becomes a permanent one. To bind the audience should always be the primary motive of any website and it can only be achieved via excellent content and not through backlinks at least not through buying backlinks. 

But often it has been seen that the idea might be amazing but writing down that idea doesn't feel as amazing as it should. Not everyone has that great writing skills. How will such people who are not that good at writing will manage to get quality content which is the main source of traffic? Well, they must spend a little amount of money and hire professional writers. Contentmart is one such website which provides content writing services to the clients. At Contentmart, you can find thousands of professional content writers which can help you achieve great quality content!


Hence, in the web of so many websites, to endure or survive without having a great command on content is nearly impossible. Even buying links cannot keep any website alive for much time. As a matter of fact, the websites may even have to pay the price of buying links. 

So, if any website wants to have a smooth run and doesn't mind elevating gradually, it should focus on providing the kind of content its users want and one can connect with Contentmart for such content. Since, Google concentrates on quality and genuinely wishes to accelerate those websites which are having that kind of content which is informative to the audience, it'd naturally help you get more natural backlinks through SERP's and will result in a better SEO ranking. 

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