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List Announcement Guidelines

October 27, 2013 08:26:04 PM

As many know, we operate a variety of lists that are used by website owners, webmasters and SEO professionals. Inclusion in our lists is free, however we do have guidelines that determine which websites we list and which we do not. If you have a website that you wish to appear in our list, please take the time to read the information on this page to learn more about our list inclusion guidelines. Because we only look at a website once, it is important that you understand our guidelines before announcing your website to us for review.

All of our lists follow some general guidelines that are adhered to in an effort to protect end users. Those websites that use pop-ups, contain malware, have errors or are not indexed in the major search engines are not added to our lists. The use of frames, advertisements positioned to promote accidental clicks and forcing newsletter subscriptions to register are some other areas that we look at before adding any website to our lists. In general, those who operate websites that rely on deceit and trickery will not be added to our lists.

One of the bigger problems we have encountered over the years is from people who install a web directory or social bookmarking website on a sub-domain or inside a directory to inflate traffic before selling their domain and/or website. Because of this problem, we only list websites that reside on a top level domain.

Those websites that restrict users based on IP addresses, E-mail addresses or other discriminatory actions are not added to any of our lists. Other list specific guidelines are noted below.

Free Directory List

For the purpose of appearing in our free directory list, submissions must be accepted without registration, at no cost to the submitter and without trade. In other words, this means that users may submit their websites without having to pay a fee, place reciprocal links or any other action that would be seen to us as trading goods or services. The web directories we list must be actively reviewing submissions from our visitors, and complaints from our users are often dealt with in a swift manner.

Social Bookmarking List

Inclusion in our social bookmarking list relies on common sense principals that have made social media the powerful medium it is today. Social bookmarking websites should allow easy registrations and enable users to publish stories without moderation. To be clear, for the purpose of our guidelines, publishing stories may refer to those stories that are either in a published or upcoming publicly viewable state. Submissions, which first require moderation, will not be added to our list as they do not give users the ability to discuss trending news.

How to Support VMOptions

Although inclusion in our lists is free to those who own free web directory and social bookmarking websites, the labor we put forth to manage these lists does come at a cost to us. Therefore, we do ask those who benefit from being in our lists to consider seeking inclusion in our web directory, advertising on our lists and/or showing their support of this project by placing one of our banners on their website and linking it to the list they appear in. There are a couple banners below that may be saved and served from your server.
VMOptions VMOptions

Announcing Your Website as Ready for Our Review

Once you have read our list announcement guidelines and are confident that your website is in compliance with these rules, please visit us on Google Plus to submit your announcement in this post.


One of the problems with see with networks is that multiple domains may share databases or the approval/publishing rate is so low that they are of no value to our visitors. We have banned many networks in the past and will do so in the future because of this.

Another major problem with networks is that they often engage in practices that repurpose deindexed domains and forge the pagerank to deceive users. We have and will continue to ban entire networks, including those sites that are indexed, when it is found that such networks are forging pagerank on deindexed domains. Deceiving our visitors is not tolerated at all. Although we regularly inspect our lists for problematic websites, we would encourage our visitors to notify us of any deindexed domains that may appear in our list.

Use of Free Domains and Free Hosting

We operate our lists with a general belief that the owners of the listed sites have made some sort of investment in their websites. Because of this, we do not permit sites residing on free domains or served by free hosts to appear in our lists. Free registrars and hosts often place limitations on traffic that makes them unusable under high traffic conditions.


One of the problems that we have in operating our lists is that some network and list operators want to spam us with their websites or engage in practices that attempt to deceive us and those who use our lists. Because of this, we have previously banned many websites and are on the offensive banning websites even before they are announced. We do not condone spam nor will we list those websites that are operated by those who are supportive of such practices. Once a website is banned from our lists, it is a permanent ban and will not be added to our list in the future. Some practices that result in an immediate and permanent ban from our lists includes submitting unpaid submissions to our web directory, sending us private messages in various webmaster forums, using our web directory contact form, sending us E-mails, calling us on the telephone and even sending us postal mail. All of the aforementioned and unapproved announcement attempts are what we classify as “announcement spam.” Failure to follow our clear listing and inclusion guidelines, as noted on this page, depletes us of resources that could be better used for listing websites that our visitors would use.

Why We Remove Websites from Our Lists

We typically remove websites from our list that are not in compliance with the guidelines noted on this page. Unstable hosting, where websites do not load, is a major problem these days. Therefore it is important that your website be fully functional and able to accept a significant number of users not only before you announce your website for inclusion in any of our lists, but also while it is listed.


Our lists are designed and regulated in such a way that benefits our users. Because of this, we reserve the right to amend our guidelines and use discretionary judgment on each announcement we review.


VMOptions Staff

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