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November 2011 Directory Changes

October 14, 2011 01:19:52 AM

At VMOptions, we always perform a yearly review of our directory operations in an effort to maintain quality, to pursue increased value for our visitors and submitters in addition to other important items.  As a result of our annual operations evaluation, two important changes will occur on 11/1/2011.

First, pagerank will no longer be the default condition used to sort listings within categories.  It has been quite apparent, over this past year, that the quality of the websites being submitted to our directory are quite deserving of being listed at the top of their most suitable categories.  In addition to this, we believe it is in the best interest of our visitors to list the newest listings first since some high pagerank websites lack more modern features and information which is found on newer websites.  This speaks volumes to the effort such webmasters are putting forth in not only promoting their sites, but also their efforts to improve the user experience with modern features and fresh content.  Effective 11/1/2011, all new listings approved in our web directory will appear at the top of their most suitable category.

Our editors, which are compensated for their time, put forth a lot of effort in seeing that each approved listing receives a fair and detailed review.  Each approved listing receives two unique descriptions, which allows us to offer more details to visitors on the detail pages.  Because of the time involved with editing each submission, and the value this offers to all parties, submission review fees will be increased.  Even with the increase in submission review fees, we believe that our pricing is quite competitive when compared to other comparable web directories.

Effective 11/1/2011 our submission review fee price structure will be as follows:

Regular Listing (Permanent): $24.99
Regular Listing (Permanent with Three Sub Pages): $29.99
Featured Listing (Requires Annual Renewal):  $34.99
Featured Listing (Requires Annual Renewal with Five Sub Pages): $39.99

It is important to note that submission review fees not only cover the expense of staffing quality editors, but provides for the ongoing maintenance and improvement of our web directory.  Those listed within our directory benefit from improvements that are made well beyond their initial listing date.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has submitted a website to our web directory.  It is because of those quality submissions, and continued support, that we have been permitted the opportunity to grow in an admittedly crowded industry.  We realize this and are humbled by your appreciation for our editor’s hard work.


VMOptions Staff

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