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Submission Review Fees to Increase

November 20, 2010 02:43:57 PM

Over the last year we have made significant improvements to our directory and traffic has continued to grow as a result of our efforts.  Our aim from the start has been to deliver quality results for both our visitors and those that have chosen to list in our directory.  While we continue to make progress on this ever expanding goal, we must adjust our pricing to better match the features we plan to add and to compensate editors for the time they spend editing each submission.  Therefore, on 12/1/2010 our submission review fees will be as follows:

  1. Regular Listing (Permanent): $19.99
  2. Regular Listing (Permanent with Three Sub Pages): $24.99
  3. Featured Listing (Requires Annual Renewal):  $29.99
  4. Featured Listing (Requires Annual Renewal with Five Sub Pages): $34.99

Each submission that we receive is professionally edited.  By professionally edited we mean that your chosen keywords and site description are better conveyed to our visitors and the search engines by an editor which has successfully completed college level English courses.  At the present time a unique description appears on the category page and listing detail page.  While this additional editing adds to the amount of time needed to edit each submission, since two descriptions are being written, the overall value it offers everyone is notable.  Those listing with us get more unique content, visitors actually get more detailed information on the listing detail pages and we reduce duplicate content.  Each submission normally takes around twenty minutes to edit.

Since we do operate a variety of directory lists, we see a wide number of web directories simply approving what is submitted.  The same submission to dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other directories offers little value in terms of search engine optimization.  This is why we work hard to give our submitters unique descriptions that truly reflect their websites, are unique and will be indexed by the search engines and offer our visitors clear and concise information about each listing.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we adjust to our new price schedule.  As a popular web directory we understand value for each listed website does not stop at the point of being listed.  Additional features and growth have been our long term goal and will offer each listed website in our directory greater value as time progresses.


VMOptions Staff

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