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This is a nice online source for numerous types of web sites, lists, and directories. Their list is massive and worth reviewing. Adding your site to this list is a must.
http://www.olxdir.com ~ Details
Olx Directory

PR: 1
Web directories are basically online databases that consumers can pull through when searching for services or products. These have the purpose of serving as a listing platform for consumers and helping commercial organizations to garner more attention from search engines. They simplify the link building process and can give websites a significant boost in their page ranks, if they are used properly.
http://www.procureweb.com ~ Details
Procure Web Directory

PR: 6
All Directory Links is a general web directory that categorizes their listings by alphabet. This directory accepts listings related to business, health and other popular areas of interest. Being a free directory, webmasters may seek inclusion in All Directory Links at no cost. However, featured listings are highlighted on their homepage and provide featured websites better opportunities for traffic.
http://www.alldirectorylinks.com ~ Details
All Directory Links

PR: 0
Progress for America is a web directory that showcases high quality, family friendly sites on the web. A variety of categories are available for visitors to browse active website listings that have been organized by topic. Such listings include those related to sports, travel and other areas of interest. Progress for America accepts free submissions from those who operate quality websites, but also has premium listing opportunities available for better placement within their web directory.
http://progressforamerica.org ~ Details
Progress for America Web Directory

PR: 3
LikedDot is a free general web directory that organizes personal and commercial websites by topic. As an expanding directory, LikedDot aims to include the highest quality websites within their many categories to display for their users. Although webmasters may submit their websites to LikedDot for possible inclusion at no cost, featured listings are available and are displayed on LikedDot's homepage.
http://www.likeddot.com ~ Details
LikedDot Free Web Directory

PR: 3
The Submission Marketing Web Directory is a general directory which publishes categorized website listings and articles. The editors at this directory manually accept user submitted websites for inclusion in their directory to ensure that their visitors have the most pleasant web surfing experience possible. Although the Submission Marketing Web Directory does accept free submissions from webmasters and authors, premium listing opportunities offer better visibility throughout their directory.
http://www.submissionwebdirectory.com/ ~ Details
Submission Marketing Web Directory

PR: 6
Shistlbb SEO Internet Directory is a general directory which displays websites listings by topic. Each listing within this directory, that has passed an editorial review process, is placed in its most suitable category. Being a general directory, visitors are able to quickly locate website listings regarding just about any family friendly topic. Shistlbb SEO Internet Directory is currently accepting free submissions from webmasters, but premium listing opportunities exist as well.
http://www.shistlbb.com ~ Details
Shistlbb SEO Internet Directory

PR: 1
1M1 Links Directory is a well established general directory with thousands of active website listings. Visitors may locate websites of interest in this directory by navigating through their available categories or by simply using a directory wide search. 1M1 Links Directory offers a variety of free and low cost listing options for those webmasters which maintain quality websites.
http://www.1m1.biz/ ~ Details
1M1 Links Directory

PR: 1
Web Directory List is a general directory comprised of many different categories. Within these categories visitors will find website listings of businesses and personal websites. Visitors may search for specific entries by keyword when using their directory search option. Web Directory List is presently accepting free and featured submissions from those webmasters which operate quality websites with useful content.
http://www.webdirectorylist.net/ ~ Details
Web Directory List

PR: 3
Archivd Web Directory is a general directory comprised of many unique and interesting categories. Within these categories are user submitted website listings, which have been first thoroughly vetted by a member of their editorial staff. Archivd Web Directory is presently accepting submissions from those webmasters which maintain quality websites. Free, regular and platinum listing options are available on this directory that will accommodate any webmaster's marketing budget.
http://www.archivd.com ~ Details
Archivd Web Directory

PR: 0