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Drug Rehabilitation

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Far too often medication used to treat pain leads to dependence and addiction. This is particularly true for medications in the opiate drug class, including oxycodone. Gallus Detox Arizona is an organization that is well equipped to help those addicted to opiates with a comprehensive oxycodone detox program. In the oxycodone detox program, patients are monitored around the clock by certified medical professionals.
http://www.gallusdetox.com/drug-detox-services/drug-... ~ Details
Oxycodone Detox

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Saint Jude Retreats is a leading alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility in the United States. This organization focuses on helping clients achieve permanent sobriety and independent testing backs up their claims of having the highest long term sobriety success rates in the USA. Saint Jude Retreats also offers flexible financing options for those seeking rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.
http://www.soberforever.net/ ~ Details
Rehab for Drug

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The Hanley Center, which is located in West Palm Beach, is an internationally recognized alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation center based in Florida. This organization has over twenty years of experience helping individuals conquer their addictions to drugs and alcohol. The Hanley Center offers proven treatment paths to sobriety under the guidance of fully qualified medical professionals.
http://www.hanleycenter.org ~ Details
Drug Rehab

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Rehab Clinic is an organization which can help individuals seek treatment for a variety of addictions and disorders. As part of Panacea UK, Rehab Clinic has the resources available to help people conquer their addictions to alcohol, drugs and much more.
http://www.rehabclinic.org.uk ~ Details
Alcohol Rehab

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The Delray Center for Healing is a Palm Beach County rehabilitation center. Delray is a pioneer in outpatient services and is able to treat a variety of addictions and disorders including services such as drug detox and rehab.
http://www.delraycenter.com ~ Details
Florida Rehab Drug Detox Treatment Center

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The Tropical Oasis drug rehab center is located in Costa Rica. They offer premier addiction rehabilitation services for a fraction of the cost of other rehab centers. Tropical Oasis is fully licensed and accredited. They are dedicated to helping those afflicted with addiction, and there families, recover and be free from the grips of drug addiction.
http://www.oasistropical1.com ~ Details
Tropical Oasis Drug Rehab

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I am a counsellor in west London with years of experience around drugs and alcohol additicion, and I practise in Chiswick W4.
http://www.ed-counselling.co.uk ~ Details
Drugs and Alcohol Problems

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Alcohol and drug rehabilitation center offering care including dual diagnosis, alcohol detox, opiate treatment, and drug addiction treatment programs.
http://www.malibuhorizon.com/ ~ Details
Opiate Detox

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Sober College offers substance abuse treatment and drug rehab counseling for young adults. Sober College's treatment facility, which is located near Los Angeles in Southern California, offers young adults the opportunity to break the addiction cycle and enjoy life in sobriety.
http://sobercollege.com ~ Details
Substance Abuse Treatment

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A comprehensive drug and alcohol addiction resource. Provides information on the health effects of drug abuse, and a directory of addiction recovery centers across the nation.
http://www.info-drug-rehab.com/ ~ Details
Drug Rehab Info

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