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Metal Detectors

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When it comes to security, modern day correctional facilities encounter a variety of contraband items which could potentially disrupt prison operations or pose a safety hazard to inmates and correctional officers. With the B.O.S.S. security scanner, correctional officers can easily detect metal objects which are hidden in body cavities. The Body Orifice Security Scanner is both affordable and highly effective at improving safety.
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BOSS Chairs Body Orifice Scanners

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As modern day security threats have increased, so has the need for security equipment designed for portable use. Handheld Detectors is a company which sells leading hand-held metal detectors from trusted manufacturers such as Garrett and Ranger. These portable security wands are ideal for use in any situation where security is a high priority.
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Hand-Held Metal Detectors

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Security Wands is an online retailer of high quality hand-held metal detector security scanners. This company stocks the leading brands of wands from leading US manufacturers such as Garrett, Fisher Labs and Ranger Security. Security Wands also stocks accessories for hand-held metal detectors which includes holsters, battery charger kits and more.
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Metal Detector Security Scanners

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Security Metal Detector specializes in quality security metal detectors such as walk through and hand-held security detector models. This company offers a product line that includes leading brands such as Ranger Security, CEIA, Garrett and others which are known for their dependability and accuracy in the metal detector industry.
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Security Detectors for Sale

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Hand Held Metal Detectors is a company which specializes in handheld metal detector sales. These products are often used for security at special events, schools and other locations where security is vital to the safety of others. Hand Held Metal Detectors has an extensive product line of handheld metal detectors from manufacturers such as Garrett, Ranger Security and Fisher Labs.
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Handheld Metal Detector Wands

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Ranger Detector is an authorized dealer for Ranger metal detector equipment. This dealer sells a variety of security chairs, walk through metal detectors and security wands. Whatever the application may be, whether in the public or private sector, Ranger Detector has the equipment to help maintain security.
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Ranger Security Metal Detectors

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Businesses and government entities with a need for security can rely on the Garrett walk through metal detectors sold by Walk Through Metal Detectors. This company also sells Ranger security detectors, which are known for their quality and superior security capabilities for courthouses and office building where high security solutions are required.
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Garrett Walk Through Metal Detectors

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