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Financial Calculators

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InterestCalc.org's savings and investment calculator allows users to forecast how much interest their savings will earn over time. Additionally, this financial calculator also displays a graph with a yearly breakdown of how each individual's investment is gaining wealth. These forecasts are calculated, with compounded interest, to help investors better plan for their financial needs in the future.
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Savings & Investment Calculator

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The loan refinance calculator provided by RefinanceCalc.org is designed to help borrowers compare a variety of different financial conditions for loans. Visitors to this website are able to enter refinanced loan variables to determine their monthly payments and total interest paid over the life of the loan. RefinanceCalc.org also provides an easy to understand refinancing summary so that each user may compare their refinance savings and loan payoff date to that of the original loan.
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Loan Refinance Calculator

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Over a period of time, compounded interest can substantially add to ones savings. At the Interest Calculator website visitors can quickly determine how much their savings will grow by utilizing free interest calculators. Each calculator at this website has user defined fields such as the base savings amount, interest rate and the years the principal savings will remain in an interest bearing account.
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Interest Calculators

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